How to make an Order

Got the template dieline design finished the artwrok
What is a dieline design and how will it help benefit you? 
A dieline, in the simplest terms, is a 2d template of your custom box when it is flat and unassembled. The dieline design will be in vector format and will tell the reader the dimensions, the folding panels, bleeding, the area reserved for glue (if applicable), and more. 
You dieline may also include your custom artwork, and will help you in folding and assembling your custom box.

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 Steps in order
1. Choose a product that best suits your project
2. Finshed your Logo and artwrok design
3. Send your artwrok to me
4. Quote the price
5. Quote the shipping way and cost
6. Deliever time and shipping time
7. Custom clearance procedure